Welcome to the MidLife Money Cafe for Women

MidLife women are virtually ignored by the financial services industry. We're here to change that.

Welcome to the MidLife Money Cafe for Women, the only online financial community created for smart, ambitious midlife women like you.

Here's What We're Working On

In an industry built for men, we designed a better way for midlife women to have financial clarity, confidence, and wellness.

Since we can't meet in person (yet!) we are working behind the scenes to create an online judgment-free, cafe-like experience for midlife women to come together about money topics. 

There will be access to simple, yet in-depth classes about financial planning topics giving midlife women, like you, the clarity needed to fully understand how to create your most inspired life. We'll host Fear.less Girl clinics to help you take step-by-step action to move you forward one smart financial decision at a time.

Imagine you're sitting in a cafe sipping coffee, tea, or a cappuccino with your best girlfriend and having safe conversations about money.

Connect with like-minded women from around the world. This will be the fest of personal self-care and financial sel-care to create the financial wellness you deserve. This is financial planning reinvented.

In the meantime, be sure to access your free copy of the MidLife Money Guide for Women. You'll be the first to know when the Midlife Money Cafe is officially open.

Financial Wellness Guide for Women 40+

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Here's What Other Women Have to Say...

Thank you for being that listening ear, and helping me better understand why financial health is so crucial for women.
Jill V.
I wish I would have had Patty's expertise after my divorce.
Bonnie S.
If you haven't talked to Patty Gale about what her company does, I highly suggest you do.
Debbie M.

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